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Our Focus​

We use R&D to reduce KSM and Intermediates cost for best margins​

Key Starting Material​

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient​​

Manufacturing​ Scale Up​


Finished Dose​

Led By Passionate Experts​​​

Bringing top Industry and R&D leaders together for Intermediates KSM process R&D and commercialization​

Prof. Javed Iqbal, PhD, FNA

Founder and Chairman

Lanka Srinivas

Emeritus Advisor

Surya Reddy Partner

(MD, INCOR Group)

Dr. Aman Iqbal


Dr. Ankit Shah Group Head,

Finance and Compliance

Dr. Prasad CN

Director, R&D

B Gopalan

Prof Jay Siegel

Dr. JS Yadav

Dr Dileep Krishnamurthy


Experience of developing 50 APIs based on the following protocol ​(Evaluation / Route Selection, Feasibility & Process Intensification)​

API Route Selection

Critical Evaluation of Prior art synthesis​

Proposal of Non-Infringing Routes​

Feasibility Study

KSM synthesis​ / ​Cost-effective process routes for KSMs​​

Feasibility Study on Multiple routes (3>)​

Process Intensification​

Material build-up (250 g 500 g)​ –​​

Process Optimization of Individual Steps​​


Process Chemistry Experience​​

  • Novel/Non-infringing synthetic routes are proposed and scrutinized for the synthetic viability, choice of reagents, cost-effectiveness and process amenability. ​
  • Telescoping, selecting reagents and reagent optimization to afford a significant reduction in COG is determined and a few routes are shortlisted for the feasibility study. ​
  • Other key factors that played an important role in the route selection were (i) cost of reagents; (ii) reduction of number of steps with multiple reactions carried out preferably in the same pot; and (iii) reagents most optimal as well as cost-effective for scale-up.
  • Substituion of current practices with environmentally benign processes

Identification and development of novel & efficient synthetic processes that satisfy the criteria of cost-effectiveness, atom-economicy, personal and environmental safety.​

Design, synthetic and process optimization of cost-effective processes while ensuring that the processes are protected by intellectual property rights.​

Address the limitations of current processes and further refinement to create excellent / robust commercial scale routes.

A dedicated team & facility for a long-term collaboration with pharmaceutical companies ​on product development and commercial supply

Senior Scientists / Scientists (Ph.D / Postdoc with prior API & process R&D experience)​

Research Associates / Chemists with​ Medicinal Chemistry & API/Process experience​

Project Management Associate / Manager​

Dedicated SCM support (Asst. Manager)​

Output and Deliverables​​​

Output & Deliverables from the R&D Program​


  • Critical review of Literature known methods and proposal of novel / non-infringing routes and Cost-Effective Routes​​
  • Selection based on SELECT guidelines and Cost-Leadership requirement​​
  • Feasibility & Process Intensifications Studies to identify an optimized process for Cost-Leadership Route
  • Proposal / Synthetic evaluation of best routes for Key Starting Materials​​
  • Preparation of Key Starting Materials (including chiral KSMs) in-house for API synthesis​​
  • Synthesis of KSMs (not commercially available) required for the evaluation of new routes proposed​
  • Safety Related Information (Runaway reactions / Handling Issues / Irritant nature of key intermediates etc.)​
  • Preparation of racemic version of the APIs as Analytical reference standards​
  • Supply of the API, both in Free or Salt form for Polymorphism study
  • IP Creation: Patent filing & Journal Articles
  • Exploration of newer chemistries (Creation of Intellectual Data Bank for diversity of chemical reactions & strategies discussed to target APIs) and development of platform technologies​​
  • Novelty is not restricted to “Design-Around” only; de novo routes and conceptually newer alternative synthetic routes are evaluated for feasibility​​
  • Identification of process-amenable and cost-effective routes which have a broader applicability than just a one-time application to a specific API​.
  • Knowledge management and creation of Experimental Databank as an IP-GOLD MINE for API companies.​
  • Competency enhancement and integration of chemistry strengths – both from Academia and Industry​


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R&D facilities

World class R&D facilities at Indian Institute of CHemical Technology, Hyderabad​

Why Renovis?

  • Best KSM and intermediates R&D Capabilities in India
  • Providing KSMs and intermediates at par with China.
  • Outstanding, reputable Scientific and Management Team
  • Well-established, state of the art R&D and manufacturing facilities based in Hyderabad
  • Undertaking R&D projects for novel routes and cost reduction